In recent years, technological advances and increased life expectancy have radically changed our visual needs. This ensures we are up to date about the solutions to new problems. In order to offer the best solution to each need, we are constantly training in the following fields:


Contact lenses

At L’Atelier we adapt all kinds of contact lenses, such us conventional contact lenses, disposable soft ones, toric contact lenses for high astigmatisms, special adaptations (in cases of post-surgery or corneal diseases), etc. At L’Atelier we have a large experience in contactology and solving maladjustment problems.

We work with the best personalized contact lenses laboratories: Menicon, Johnson&Johnson, CooperVision, Alcon, etc.

Moreover, we provide ophthalmic lenses (for spectacles) specifically thought for contact lense users. Their design takes into account the particular needs of these patients and offers a greater rest for eyes after using contacts.

New technology, drive safety and vision

Intense blue light emitted by electronic devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones...), as well as continuous work in near distance are the main factors that produce Digital Visual Stress. This problem affects 80% of people who work with a digital screen. At L’Atelier we offer various solutions, from ophthalmic lenses with special filters that attenuate blue light to contact lenses developed to minimize visual fatigue caused by electronic devices.

Driving is another situation that can cause visual fatigue, chiefly at night or with adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow...). At L’Atelier we provide specific lenses for these situations, which allow improving vision in these conditions, reducing glare and optimizing distance calculation.


Presbyopia solutions

Presbyopia is the inability to focus at near vision that usually starts at middle age. However, everybody with presbyopia does not have the same visual needs. This is why at L’Atelier we take into account the main daily activities of each patient to offer them a custom solution:

- Digital lenses are thought out to satisfy visual needs of people who are beginning to have near vision problems. They provide a support for near vision and allow clear vision at all distances.

- Workplace lenses provide clear and relaxed vision at intermediate and near distance. They allow us to personalize the vision range for the optimal working distances of each user.

- Progressive lenses offer clear vision at all distances to mature patients. At L’Atelier we are specialists in progressive lenses and work with the best laboratories.

Children Vision, Myopia Control
and Visual Therapy

Early detection of refractive defects in childhood is essential for a good management and to prevent lazy eye and potential problems in school performance. Myopia is considered as an epidemic in highly developed societies.

We are part of the 3% of optical health establishments in Spain that have the necessary accreditation to manage myopia control solutions. Our professionals will suggest the best option to slow your child’s myopia increase through orthoqueratology or specially designed soft contact lenses.


Low vision

Low vision is the reduction of visual accuracy or visual field decrease that cannot be corrected with graduated spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses, medical treatment or surgery. It affects one in four people older than 75 years and may be due to multiple causes.

People with low vision keep a useful visual rest that can be improved with visual rehabilitation and optical aids. Tell us about your case at L’Atelier and we will advise you about the best optical or electronic assistance available.