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14 November, 2022

How to take care of your visual health in autumn

In this blog we have talked before about how you should take care of your eyes in summer, a time when the sun and water are very present in our lives and can affect your visual health. However, not only in summer we must pay close attention to our surroundings to take care of our visual health.

With autumn comes the cold, the fall of the leaves, fewer hours of sunlight in a day… and new and different situations we must consider to take care of our visual health.

In autumn, for example, increases the incidence of dry eye. If you feel eyestrain, your eyelids feel heavy or your eyes water very frequently, you should consult a professional.

The symptoms associated with Dry Eye Syndrome can be worsened by the prolonged use of screens, and the extended use of heating.

There are two types of dry eye: one in which the amount of tear segregated is not enough to lubricate the eye surface and another type in which, even secreting the sufficient amount of tear, it is not of good quality and does not perform well its function. It is important to know what type of dry eye you have and treat it specifically.


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Maintaining a good balanced diet is essential for good eye health. The good thing about autumn is that it brings with it multiple foods that provide antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C and E. Like figs, grapes, quince, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin… Take advantage of this season and add them to your diet! And if you practice outdoor sports, you should always do it with protective glasses, because in this time of the year it is more frequent that a runner or cyclist has to “confront” a gust of air, dust particles, sand…


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If you wear contact lens, consult your optometrist about the material you use so that they can tell you if it is the best one for you. If you have more serious problems such as keratitis or small ulcers, you should visit your ophthalmologist; they can prescribe the most appropriate treatment depending on your type of dry eye.

At L’Atelier Óptica we can perform specific tests to determine what type of dry eye you have, give you the best advice and, if necessary, refer you to the best anterior segment ophthalmology specialists to deal with it effectively.

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