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1 July, 2020

How to take care of your Eyeglasses?

At L’Atelier Óptica we get asked very often about the best way to care of your glasses, whether they are prescripted or sunglasses. Since we want them to last a long time in the best possible conditions, we want to give you some tips that may be useful. No matter the prescription you have, if you use them for near vsion, far vision or they are progressive glasses, these tips work for everyone to take care of your eyeglasses.

Clean your glasses without damaging them.

The best way to clean your glasses is using the suede or microfiber cloth that comes with them. If they are very dirty, you can wash them with a spray or a wet wipe (very important that these are specific for cleaning glasses). These products are especially convinient to take with you and be able to use them anywhere.

If you don’t have these kind of products, you can use warm water and a little neutral liquid soap. It is very important not to use hot water, since sudden temperature changes can damage the treatments of the lens. To dry them, you can use the microfiber suede. Avoid other types of fabrics (like T-shirts) or paper towels because, although it may not seem like it, they are rougher materials that can scratch the crystals.

If they are full of dust, sand or other particles that can scratch them, rinse them with plenty of water before rubbing them with the cleaning cloth or soap.

Limpiar las gafas sin estropearlas

What products should be avoided?

Do not clean your glasses with very aggressive detergents or other cleaning products (neither window cleaners). It is also advisable to avoid the glasses from contact with products such as hairspray, perfumes and creams, since their components could damage them.

Do they get out of adjustment very often?

Small mismatches in the frame, can make you not see as well as you should and even cause discomfort, such as headaches or bad postures. To try to make your glasses last as long as possible adjusted, remember these four tips:

– Take them off and put them on always using both hands.

– When you put them away, let it be in a hard case or cover and do not put with anything else inside (only the suede to clean them).

– When cleaning them, it is best to always hold the ring of the lens you are cleaning so as not to force the bridge of the frame. This is especially important in rimless glasses.

Don’t wear them as a headband! We know that it is very tempting, especially when it comes to sunglasses or glasses that you use only for a specific distance, but this habit will loosen them and they wil be more prone to falls.


Keep them away from heat sources.

High temperatures can damage your glasses, either by deforming the frame or causing the lenses to lose their transparency. For this reason, it is important to avoid leaving them next to heat sources, such as a radiator, exposed to the sun or inside the car. Don’t dry them with the blow dryer either! And remember that covers and cases can protect them from bumps or scratches, but not from heat.

More tips to avoid scratching.

One of the damages we see most often in glasses is scratched lenses. This is especially annoying if the scratch is in the centre of the lens, since it can affect your vision. If you want to avoid it, take note of the following tips:

Como hacer para que no se rayen las gafas

Never leave them face down, that is, leaning on the lenses.

– If you have them hanging with a cord or chain, be careful not to rub them with yuor buttons, zippers, necklaces …

Do not clean them with your clothes, it does not matter if you wear a shirt, a t-shirt or a sweater, these fibers are rougher than we think and, in addition, they may not be as clean as we presume. And yes, we know that we have already mentioned this, but it is such a widespread practice that we wanted to emphasize it.

What if they have already had an accident?

If your glasses have already been damaged (squashed, bent, scratched …) or you have seen something strange in them, bring them to us so that we can assess if they have a solution. We know that there are many magic tricks circulating on the internet, but it is better that you leave them to a professional if you do not want to ruin them even more. And, if in doubt, contact us! We will be happy to help you.

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