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18 September, 2021

How do I choose the size of my glasses?

Do our frames have a size? If you are an expert in glasses, either because you wear them or because you work in the sector, you know the answer; Yes, the glasses we wear have a size.

Knowing what is the size of your frames it’s so simple as taking a look inside the frame and looking for a numbering that can be a number similar to this 52-18/140.

The size of our glasses is important to avoid possible injuries to the skin of the support area, to be sure that we are choosing the one that suits us. Always consult with professionals, always bearing in mind that these measurements tend to be indicative, although not all glasses are manufactured in different sizes.

In addition to the factors that we are going to explain below, others must be taken into account, such as the size of the elbow or the thickness of the frame. The important thing is not to lose sight of the fact that this combination of factors makes the frame we want to choose fit well with our features.


como elegir el tamaño de las gafas


Today we want to talk more in depth about this topic so that you know how to recognize the code and understand what it means.

The first thing we see in the number above is the width of your lens, then the width of the bridge (the distance between one lens and another) and finally the length of the rod. The measurement in which it is indicated is millimetres.




The width of the lens can be an option to choose, although many times it is determined by the frame of our preference.

The width of the bridge is the measurement of the piece that is between the lenses. We must pay attention to this measure since it is the piece on which the glasses will rest on our nose. A small size can pinch us and a large one can give us problems since they will not have a good grip. Your optical professional will be able to help you discover your size to avoid possible inconveniences.

The length of the rod usually has standard measurements of 135,140 or 145. Let’s think that this piece connects the lenses with our ears as a support surface, for this reason it is important that they have the right length, although we must point out that they can often be adjusted so that they adapt to our physiognomy.

If you have any questions about it, you want us to check if your size is correct or you have any other question, remember that at L’Atelier Óptica we are always at your disposal to take care of your visual health.

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