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11 September, 2020

Anticipate and prevent: eye check-ups are essential in children

We return from the summer holidays and in the blink of an eye the school year starts for the youngest of the family. Taking care of our visual health is essential for our wellbeing at any age but today we want to focus on them.

Comprehensive eye exams are especially important in the school years; with them we can detect various eye disorders that may affect learning. An undetected eye condition at an early age can have an impact on the correct development of the visual system.

In a few brief points we want to explain you the importance of taking your child to an annual eye exam.


la importancia de hacer una revisión anual infantil


  • No more lazy-eyes:

Eye exams in children can detect amblyopia, better known as lazy eye. Without a routine check-up, it could go unnoticed along with its consequences.


  • Pay attention to their school performance

A well-corrected vision is crucial to a good school performance. Sometimes it is difficult to find the cause behind a problem with no apparent reason like this one and in many cases it is a problem related to the vision.


  • What is happening?

Children often do not describe the symptoms of a poor vision; since it is something new to them they do not know exactly how to phrase it. The examination of an optometrist is the most effective way to detect these visual defects and therefore solve them as soon as possible. Some of the signs that could alert us of a problem are: getting very close to the text when they read, squinting the eyes or frowning when looking from a distance, making strange head movements, covering one eye, and other symptoms like headaches or eyestrain. If any of them appear, it is advisable to go to a specialist.

The priority of L ’Atelier Optica is to always take care of you and your loved ones. Do not hesitate to visit us in our space or contact us through any of our channels to ask us any questions you may have.

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