Solutions for eyestrain when driving and using digital devices

Intense blue light emitted by electronic devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones…), as well as continuous work in near distance are the main factors that produce Digital Visual Stress.

This problem affects 80% of people who work with a digital screen. At L’Atelier we offer various solutions, from ophthalmic lenses with special filters that block blue light to contact lenses developed to minimize visual fatigue caused by electronic devices.

Driving is another situation that can cause visual fatigue, mainly at night or with adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow…).

In all our visual examinations, one of the tests we do is the evaluation of stereopsis, or in other words our ability to see in 3D, which is very important while driving. The ZEISS VISUPHOR 500 visual assessment system allows us to optimize the prescription to improve this ability.

At L’Atelier we provide specific lenses that improve the vision in the already mention situations, reducing glare and optimizing distance calculation.

Whatever your needs may be, our professionals will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions.

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