Presbyopia solutions

Presbyopia is the inability to focus at near distance that usually starts at middle age. However, everybody with presbyopia does not have the same visual needs. This is why at L’Atelier we take into account the main daily activities of each patient to offer them a personalized solution:


    • Digital lenses are thought out to satisfy the visual needs of people who are beginning to have near vision problems. They provide a support for near vision while allowing clear vision at all distances. This option is for those people who, having undergone graduation for years, begin to need a near vision aid.
    • Workplace lenses provide clear and relaxed vision at intermediate and near distance. They allow us to personalize the vision range to fit the working distances of each user. This option is for those people who, without having a distance prescription, begin to have problems with presbyopia and do not want to have to continually put on and take off their glasses.
    • Progressive lenses offer clear vision at all distances to mature patients. At L’Atelier we are specialists in progressive lenses and work with the best laboratories. We offer this solution when the patient has already gone through the option of digital lenses and they need a higher correction than those provided by digital lenses.
    • We also have a wide range of possibilities for multifocal contact lenses that target presbyopia, even if the patient has astigmatism.


Make an appointment for a visual check-up and we will advise you on which are the best options for you.

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