Glaucoma prevention

In the complete optometric examination we perform, we measure different parameters. Many of these parameters are very important indicators of visual health in the early detection of certain conditions.

Optometrists, as primary care professionals in Visual Health, are trained to do these evaluations and to be able to refer to the right professional in case of finding abnormal values in these exams.

We have incorporated into our examination office one of the best tonometers to assess intraocular pressure in a fast, clean and totally painless way. It is the Icare® tonometer which does not require instillation of anaesthetics and is highly accurate.

Glaucoma is a disease known as “silent blindness” because it occurs slowly and painlessly and begins to appear generally in people over 60 years of age. To prevent this, it is very important to have control over the intraocular pressure, the patient’s visual field, the thickness of the cornea and the number of fibers that work effectively in the optic nerve.

If the normal values of Intraocular Pressure measured in the office are not adequate, we offer the possibility of a complete ophthalmological examination in a collaborating medical establishment.

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