Contact lenses

At L’Atelier we adapt all kinds of contact lenses, such us conventional contact lenses, disposable soft ones, toric contact lenses for high astigmatisms, special adaptations (in cases of post-surgery or corneal diseases), etc. At L’Atelier we have a large experience in contactology and solving maladjustment problems.

We work with the best personalized contact lenses laboratories: Menicon, Johnson&Johnson, CooperVision, Alcon, etc. Moreover, we provide ophthalmic lenses (for spectacles) specifically made for contact lenses users. Their design takes into account the particular needs of these patients and gives the eyes a better rest after using contacts.

Most users that stopped using contact lenses are unaware that there are revolutionary new materials and that we have many more parameters to find the perfect contact lenses with daily wear.

We adapt Orto-k contact lenses, which allow you to enjoy the freedom of not wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day by using this treatment at night. In addition, these types of lenses reduce the increase in myopia by up to 59%.

At L’Atelier Óptica our professionals will advise you on the option that best suits your needs.

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