Dita Schema-Two Black Iron / Gold


Innovative screw-less frame made of titanium with acetate lens rims and nylon details. Each component is precision engineered to reduce mechanical friction. Sophistcation and strenght looking for simplicity as the ultimate expression of elegance.


Black Iron/ Gold





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Free Delivery to Spain in 24-48 h working days.


Europe 10€-15€ Get it within 1 and 4 days*
North America 15€ Get it within 2 and 4 days*
South America 20€ Get it within 3 and 6 days*
Orient 1 20€ Get it within 3 and 5 days*
Orient 2 20€ Get it within 3 and 6 days*
Africa 35€ Get it within 3 and 5 days*

These deadlines may change due to customs controls. Check additional information in this link.

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