29 June, 2023

The evolution of glasses throughout history

All those daily objects that accompany us have experimented changes and evolutions throughout history. And glasses too. You know that at L’Atelier Óptica, we love being up-to-date, but we also love looking back and knowing where we come from. That’s why today we want to review the history of glasses.

When were the first glasses born? Their origin is not entirely defined, but the most widespread belief is that they emerged in the 13th century in Italy as a reading instrument. They were two round lenses mounted in a frame that was held in front of the eyes.


La evolución de las gafas a lo largo de la historia 2


During the Renaissance, in the 15th century, glasses gained popularity and were already a very common accessory. During this period, designers began to play with frame designs and different shapes. Half-moon glasses that rested on the nose were particularly popular at the time.


In the 18th century, side temples were introduced, which favored a better fit and greater comfort. It was during this period that glasses began to fold, making them easier to store.


By the 19th century, glasses were already a fully established reality in society and they were being mass-produced. New shapes and styles were being experimented with, and new materials such as steel or bone were introduced.




We arrive at the 20th century, where technological and design advances revolutionized the manufacturing of glasses, which now use lighter yet more durable materials such as acetate or metal. This century gave us two of the most iconic glasses ever created: aviator glasses and cat-eye glasses.


And we continue to advance in time because, in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, constant technological development has allowed for even lighter glasses to be manufactured, as well as the creation of contact lenses, progressive lenses, photochromic lenses… A great revolution!


No one knows how glasses will evolve in the present day, but we are certain that all our brands will continue to put technology, combined with their artisan values, at the service of creating increasingly better glasses.

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