22 September, 2020

The best iconic eyewear from the movies

At L’Atelier Óptica we have always defended that glasses are a very important part of your personal style. Depending on the model you choose, you can express different aspects of your personality. In the world of cinema, it is also very clear, that glasses are a fundamental aspect in the portrayal of a character. We love to look at them, so let’s talk about some of our favorite glasses and the movies in which they appear:


Robert Downey Jr. in The Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Since the Avengers: Infinity War movie was released in 2018, everyone wants to wear Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) glasses. It is the Dita Flight 006 model.

Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame-Dita Flight 006

These same glasses are inherited by Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) in the movie Spiderman: Far from Home (2019), so whoever hasn’t yet fallen in love with them has a second chance to do so in the latest adventure of this Marvel superhero.

Sunglasses Peter Parker Spiderman far from home-Dita Flight 006


Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)

We could not miss one of the most popular film sagas: Mission Impossible. Specifically, we are going to focus on its fifth film (2015), in which Tom Cruise appears with two sunglasses by the Italian brand L.G.R. These are the Tangeri (upper image) and the Comoros (lower image) models.

Gafas de sol de Tom Cruise en Mision Imposible 5-LGR Comoros and LGR Tangeri


Audrey Hepburn in Two for the road (1967)

We’ve already talked in another post about the iconic glasses Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This time, we wanted to talk about yet another movie where she looks effortlessly chic in every scene, Two on the Road (1967), in which the actress wears another model from the same brand: Oliver Goldsmith. It is the model Yuhu in white, a large and enveloping design that became very popular thanks to Hepburn.

Gafas de sol de Audrey Hepburn en Two for the road


Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows (2012)

Like any other vampire, Barnabas Collins needed to protect himself from the light of sun as much as possible and that was perfectly accomplished by his sunglasses with side shields.

Gafas de sol de Johnny Depp en la película Sombras tenebrosas

That same model of sunglasses was worn many years before by Claude Rains in the movie The Invisible Man (1933).

Gafas de sol de Claude Rains en la película El hombre invisible

We already know that fashion is cyclical and that all trends return. In fact, we can find a very similar design in the latest Mykita collection featuring Helmut Lang.

Mykita Helmut Lang


Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver (1976)

We are sure that, if you have seen this film, you have noticed Iris Steensma’s (Jodie Foster) unique sunglasses. A round model covered with a translucent square structure. In the Blake Kuwahara collection you can find a very similar piece that we absolutley love: the Kahn model, which are available both as an optical frame and as sunglasses.

Gafas de Jodie Foster en Taxi Driver con kahn Blake Kuwahara


Sue Lyon in Lolita (1962).

Despite the fact that the film is almost 60 years old, we have not forgotten its bold heart-shaped sunglasses. Many brands have reinterpreted this model since then. We love the Cutler and Gross version, available in different colors.

Gafas de sol Cutler and Gross 1204 WATERMELON de Sue Lyon en Lolita


Ali Wong in Always be my Maybe (2019).

It has caught our attention that the protagonist of this movie loves Dita Eyewear glasses and wears up to four wonderful designs from this brand. Frankly, we understand the costume team of the film, seeing the collection, how could you choose only one? The actress wears the models Arise, Rebella, Showgoer and Willow.

Ali Wong en Always be my Maybe con Dita Arise, Dita Rebella, Dita Showgoer and Dita Willow


Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter (2001)

This is already a classic when it comes to glasses and movies. Who does not think of Harry when seeing round glasses? If you like this type of frame, you can find two very similar models in the Lunor collection: the Advantage 420 model and the M10 02.

Gafas de Daniel Radcliffe en Harry Potter Lunor advantage 420 Lunor M10 02


Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in New York (1998)

We could not leave out the ultimate it girl, Carrie Bradshaw. This style icon admired by all appears in the movie Sex in New York 2 (2010) with a wonderful pair of golden Mykita sunglasses. Specifically, it is a model from the collection in which the brand collaborate with designer Bernhard Willhelm and best of all, they are very comfortable.

Sarah Jessica Parker on first day of filming Sex and the City in NYC


Jake Gyllenhaal in Demolition (2015)

In this feature film, Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal) wears some sunglasses that many fans of the eyewear world will recognize, they are the Moscot Lemtosh. It is one of the favorite models of many international artists, in fact, we have seen many actors such as Jonhnny Depp, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, among others, wearing them.

Gafas de sol de Jake Gyllenhaal en Demolicion

Ryan O’Connell in Special (2019)

We also wanted to include some series in this article. In Special, we see its protagonist wearing glasses from one of our favorite brands: Bruno Chaussignand. The model is called Eagle and we love it because it is modern and very flattering.

Gafas de la serie Special Bruno Chaussignand


Cameron Monaghan in Gotham (2014)

If you like the Batman universe and the Joker, you cannot miss these series. In which we see Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) with a pair of sunglasses that you have surely noticed. They are the spectacular model Wyatt by Jacques Marie Mage.

gafas Jacques Marie Mage de Cameron Monaghan en Gotham


Ron Cephas Jones in This is us (2016)

This show has been talked about a lot lately. In one of its episodes, William (Ron Cephas) goes shopping and, among other things, renews his sunglasses. We have to praise him for his exquisit taste choosing the wonderful Dita Journey that looks great on him.

gafas de sol de Ron Cephas Jones en This is us


Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad (2008)

Walter White, our favorite good boy gone bad, would not be the same without his squared metal glasses. They remind us a lot of the Hamburg Eyewear Lea, don’t you think they are pretty similar?

Gafas de sol de Tony Stark en Los Vengadores-Dita Flight 006


Richard Schiff in The Good Doctor (2017)

In these series, we see how Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) changes his classic rimless glasses, that he wore in the first few episodes, for some modern and transparent Moscot Miltzen ones that fit phenomenally with the character. We love change, what do you think?

Gafas Moscot Miltzen de Richard Schiff en The Good Doctor


Santi Millán in El pueblo (2019)

We had to include some Spanish TV shows. In El pueblo, Moncho (Santi Millan) wears large, round Mykita frames that contribute to the hippie aesthetic of the character.

Gafas Mykita de Santi Millan en El Pueblo


Now tell us, do you also pay attention to the glasses when you go to the movies? Which ones are your favorites?



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