14 April, 2024

Round glasses: a classic that never goes out of style

They are a classic: round glasses never go out of style and are undoubtedly one of the shapes that our guest most demand. Luckily, many of our brands include this shape in their designs, which has survived the passing of the years, always remaining among the fashion trends of the moment.


When did round glasses emerge? We can say that the first glasses already had this shape, but it was in the 1920s when they experienced a moment of resurgence in terms of popularity. At that time, it was the model chosen by those personalities from the cultural and social life who wanted to give an image of elegance and sophistication. One of them was the American architect Philip Johnson. Artists and intellectuals of the 60s did the same, being another of the great moments in which the round glasses were consolidated.


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Round glasses do not understand gender or age, and conquer all types of audiences equally. And this is thanks to its elegance and versatility. This kind of glasses usually look good on all types of faces, both rounder faces and thinner and elongated ones.


John Lennon is one of the celebrities who have helped make this type of glasses more famous. The Beatles’s singer popularized this type of glasses in the 60s, and his image is practically linked to round glasses. His image is so linked to round glasses that he even paid $184,000 at auction for one of his glasses. After him, many personalities have imitated this style, such as Liam Gallagher, Mick Jagger or Lady Gaga.


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And how can we not travel to the world of cinema and talk about Harry Potter, whose image cannot be understood without the iconic round glasses that the protagonist played by actor Daniel Radcliffe always wears.


And you… Have you already tried how round glasses look on you? At L’Atelier Óptica we have many models, both prescription glasses and sunglasses, to inspire you.

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