11 May, 2023

Luxury eyewear: Five brands that will make heads turn

It’s no secret: At L’Atelier Optica we work with exclusive brands that provide us with distinction and originality through their models. The luxury eyewear that you can find on our shop and on our website is a statement of personal style that will perfectly complete your look.


We have some more classic but always elegant luxury eyewear, and we have some modern and even extravagant options too, but all of them with that stamp of distinction that we seek and that our customers love.


Luxury eyewear


When we think about new eyewear brands to incorporate into our store, we not only focus on their designs, but also on the quality of the materials and the artisanal manufacturing process. A process in which we prioritize respect for the environment.


Some of the luxury eyewear brands that we work with include:


  • Dita, a brand that mixes East and West in perfect harmony, creating glasses of undeniable beauty that also endure over time. Glasses that require up to 320 steps in their manufacturing process.
  • Matsuda, a Japanese brand founded by the prestigious Japanese designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda, a pioneer in combining architecture and fashion. Its glasses and design philosophy have traveled all over the world!
  • Vava, a brand that bets on futuristic designs inspired by technology. Handmade with sustainable, high-quality, and 100% recyclable materials.
  • Jacques Marie Mage, a brand specialized in the micro-production of handmade limited edition glasses. That’s why their glasses are unique and a collector’s item, with bold, elegant, and modern geometric shapes.
  • Mykita, a brand that is a success thanks to its intelligent techniques, creative use of modern materials, and wealth of experience in design. They achieve innovative and functional designs without screws.


Luxury eyewear


Any of these brands, or the others we work with, offer you luxury eyewear that is an essential fashion accessory that will make you the center of attention this season.


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