27 October, 2023

From Fast Fashion to Slow Fashion: How the eyewear industry and we adapted to production evolution.

In previous blog posts, we have told you about the evolution of eyewear throughout history. But what about the industry that defines and manufactures them? Clearly, it has also undergone significant changes, evolutions, and adaptations, such as the major shift from Fast Fashion to Slow Fashion—two concepts closely related to the textile fashion industry but also with us.


When we talk about Fast Fashion, we refer to a mass production model that aims to meet a massive level of consumption. In other words, producing a lot, prioritizing speed but neglecting other factors such as quality, and something that concerns us greatly, often resorting to labor exploitation to meet the required pace.


bruno chaussignand craftsmanship


The eyewear industry has not remained unaffected by this “trend,” and the market has been flooded with cheap glasses manufactured through fast processes that, as we mentioned, overlook factors that are essential to us: quality, sustainability, environmental care, and optimal working conditions in the production process.


On the other hand, Slow Fashion emerges, aiming for fashion to develop in a more ethical and sustainable manner, prioritizing quality, durable products, responsible production, and good working conditions.




Slow Fashion has also reached the eyewear industry, and we can proudly and confidently say that all our brands uphold those values, seeking maximum quality through artisanal and ethical processes, respecting the environment, and using sustainable materials.

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