20 April, 2021

The new “must-have” in every celebrity wardrobe

There is no doubt that glasses, like clothes, help us to define our style season after season. The world of fashion and entertainment would be very different without them. They are a lot more than just an accessory, they also take care of our visual health. In the past few decades, sunglasses have been a must have for some of the most glamourous famous people, hiding their unmistakable eyes and creating a halo of mistery around them.


Famous glasses, Lady Gaga with Goldsmith glasses


Sunglasses have helped celebrities to separate their private and profesional life. When we think of famous people with glasses we immediately think of them with sunglasses, but the truth is that lately the trend has been wearing optical frames. The wide range of designs available allows everybody to find one that fits their personal style, leaving behind the believe that glasses are unflattering or that they diminish our look. Our favourite celebrities know, more than anyone, that with some good style guidance an optical frame can elevate any outfit, even the ones at the bottom of our closet.


Famous glasses,Niki Minaj, Mykita sunglasses, Vice y dita narcissus


A clear example that glasses are a huge fashion trend right now is that many celebs wear them even without prescription. Square, cat-eye or 70’s inspired are some of the styles that we have seen both on the runaways and on the finest street style.


Famous glasses, Miley Cyrus con gafas de Salvador Dali para Courreges


Listening to a professional’s advice is key when choosing a new pair of glasses. Chiara Ferragni, Jennifer Aniston, JLo, Anne Hathaway or national treasure Blanca Suarez are some of the celebrities that follow this trend that is here to stay.

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