8 January, 2021

5 steps to achieve your new year’s goals

The beginning of the year is the favorite season to think about new challenges, and to retake those we could not achieve in the past. This very human tradition is inspiring and comforting; somehow we need new starting points that will help us to rethink our habits and make ourselves excited about something new.



However, sometimes we also have to make our way through doubts, which is again a very human aspect: are those challenges going to make us feel good? What happens if they frustrate us instead? How do we get them to push us and not block us?

Many messages are generated around this date: review the previous year, generate good wishes, rethink your life … this can be especially motivating to help us with good resolutions at the beginning of the year.



It is always positive to make resolutions, but they must be preceded by a deep and emotional reflection on what we want to change or achieve, the reasons, the past experiences in this regard and their learnings and, of course, a concrete action plan on those wishes. If these factors are not present, it is very likely that it will be difficult for us to move from ideas to actions. We want to start 2021 being conscious of what we learned in 2020, helped by Lo Minimimo, a consultancy specialized in responsible consumption, that accompanies us on our way towards healthier habits.

They have developed the following five steps to help you achieve your goals for this new year.

  1. Love yourself may sound like a cliché but it is also essential. If we want to improve our lives we need some healthy love.
  2. It is time for consciousness. Knowing oneself is a fundamental tool. Knowing our limits will help us to maintain a kind attitude towards ourselves. If implementing changes means accepting suffering in any form, surely we will not be able to maintain them in the long run.
  3. Your health matters. Both mental and physical. When we are healthy and well balanced we are able to achieve almost any goal. Make a list of appointments with your specialists.
  4. Make a plan. You don’t always have to be carried away by events. If you want to address changes and improvements, good planning will help you a lot. Having a clear goal marks the way forward in your daily routines.
  5. Step by step. Realistic goals based on your abilities is what will make your goals more enjoyable. Small changes, no matter how minimal, can have a huge impact on your daily life if you can implement them in the long term.



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