We travel around the world, looking for unique and stunning range of brands. We are convinced that spectacles can be authentic pieces of art with creativity processes of more than 100 steps and stories that show the passion for perfection and uniqueness.

Pontet Eyewear is a French brand originally from Marseille that already has four generations of family working in the sector. A story linked to the optics industry since 1930.

What makes it unique?

Pontet Eyewear meets standards of quality, sustainability and elegance. A brand that conveys the passion for the sector of its founder to each pair of glasses. Hermés is involved in the entire creation process of each of the models from the initial sketches.

Pontet glasses are very original and unisex, and are designed to ensure perfect comfort for those who wear them. Even the dyes are designed especially for this brand, inspired by ancient dyes.

Ophy was born in Italy, inspired by the passion and creativity of two young minds who quickly connected through their common interests: glasses and modern, contemporary design.

What makes it unique?

They draw inspiration from modern and iconic architectural shapes from art history: sharp angles, rounded edges, square lenses, simple yet striking geometric shapes that frame the face like a work of art.

A mix of the passion and skill of Italian craftsmen. Attention to detail, meticulous selection of the highest quality materials, and thorough research to combine versatility and comfort are key elements for Ophy glasses.

Jean Philippe Joly is a brand born in Paris in 1999. Its founder, with the same name, is a veteran worker from the optical industry who wanted to unleash his passion to create something distinctive and unique. And many of his travels and the cultures he has learned about have inspired his designs.

What makes it unique?

A brand in which the quality of the materials is impeccable, and they are subjected to the highest standards thanks to a traditional manufacturing process by hand. Taste for details, colors, volumes, art and elegance is clear. Avant-garde and timeless glasses that become small works of art for your face.

Matsuda is a Japanese brand founded more than 50 years ago by the Japanese designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda, a renowned artist pioneer in mixing architecture and fashion. The glasses he creates and his way of understanding design are known around the world.

What makes it unique?

Matsuda comes to L'Atelier Óptica bringing beautiful models handmade in their Sabae workshops. Each of their glasses goes through 250 creation steps that take more than two years to be finished. The key: respecting the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship, and mix it with the most innovative technology.

As a result, each pair of glasses they make is a work of art. Unique pieces, pampered down to the last detail.

Peter and May is a brand founded by Parisians Laura Le Bihan and Xavier Matrand. The secret to their success is creating clean and innovative designs with a very recognizable style; inspired by their own city, its elegant modernity and its everyday style.

What makes it unique?

Since 2021 they have been using an eco-acetate of vegetable origin in their collections. Their cases are made from recycled materials and the individual bags that contain each frame are made from TDPA, a biodegradable product. On top of that, everything is 100% manufactured in their own workshop.

Today, Peter and May works with prestigious designers from Paris such as Jacquemus or Études, being a fully consolidated brand.

For DITA EYEWEAR it means taking a step further in luxury. Creating a product with which they have set their own standards to differentiate themselves from the rest. Their aim is “to create disruptive products and services collaborating with the best professionals in each area. It’s about progress.”

What makes it unique?

DITA-EPILUXURY is an exercise of utter craftsmanship developed by an entire team, from the engineer, the designer to the artisan. This becomes clear seeing the 21 pieces that make up these glasses joined only by their hinge. Limited to 500 pieces in the world and for sale only in Madrid in our Atelier.

Lunetterie Generale is a sustainable brand that focuses not only on style but also on the design of each component developed to last a lifetime.

What makes it unique?

Lunetterie Generale is a standard of high quality and for that they produce their glasses in Japan, the center of ancient craftsmanship and respect for methods and materials.

They meticulously select their materials in search of durability and beauty, the complex expert techniques and the guarantee of the best artisan hands make a well rounded product thought out to satisfy the most demanding clientele.

Ahlem, a brand based in Paris and Los Angeles, founded in 2014.

What makes it unique?

Attention to detail, the use of the highest quality materials, a sustainable vision in its production processes and an intimate relationship with the arts and design. The artisan experience joins these values.

Ahlem follows the dictates of the Bauhaus cultural movement when it comes to creating.

Functionality and aesthetics are its line of support, making timelessness its flagship.

Recognized as one of the “100 Most Important People in the Eyewear Industry”, Blake Kuwahara carried out its own firm. His first collection was launched in 2014, bursting into alternative market.

What makes it unique?

The perfect fusion of two frames and the juxtaposition of contrasting shapes and colors, creating a design that is thoroughly modern but wearable.

Fascinated by the optics’ world, Bruno Chaussignand designed his first collections in 2004.

What makes it unique?

Since 2011, this brand reveals a new and unmistakable style with a contemporary and super comfortable collection: “it’s not about making the past reborn, but the creation of contemporary spectacles that respond both to current trends and to the requirements of its public”.

Jacques Marie Mage is a limited-edition designer and manufacturer specialized in microproduction of artisanal eyewear. His glasses are unique and collectible. It combines bold geometric shapes, and an exuberance of attitude that elegantly infuse historical motifs with a modern sensibility.

What makes it unique?

Made carefully, more than one hundred hands touch each JMM spectacles. Its production has a 300 step process that ensures artistic and technical excellence.

Cutler and Gross world is bursting with independent thinkers: people with personality, creative vision and intelligent style: Visionaires.

What makes it unique?

The delightful imperfection of handmade pieces. Get ready to see raw edges or tiny inaccuracies of an unique piece. Because Cutler and Gross frames are not cut by a machine that makes hundreds of identical pieces.

For decades, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross are considered bastions of iconic eyewear. Their designs combine the finest Italian craftsmanship with unquestionably cool style.

Dita’s philosophy tries to fuse East and West in perfect harmony to create spectacles with timeless beauty and quality. The pursuit of excellence is their work philosophy.

What makes it unique?

The creation of a single Dita frame or sunglass can require up to 320 steps, carried out by designers, engineers, artisans and master craftsmen over 8 months. Most frames aregold plated.

Nina Mûr Eyewear is a brand 100% created, designed, and produced in Madrid that deserves tribute and admiration for the Made in Spain label. They are unique glasses made of finnish birch wood that combine art, design, innovation and pure craftsmanship.

What makes it unique?

The excellent quality of the pieces resist extreme temperatures. They are made with sustainable materials and with the care of the craftsman. They are very comfortable and light glasses to wear with a design that does not leave you indifferent.

Inspired by eyewear models of past centuries, Lunor has found its own style: contemporary design that consciously renounces exaggerations of fashion and massive productions.

What makes it unique?

Up to 200 precise stages are required to make a Lunor frame. Most of its models are produced in Germany – except for titanium frames, which are made in Japan due to the high level of expertise available there.

Hamburg Eyewear represents the perfect synthesis between modern design and classic elements. This brand offers restrained Nordic-style design.

What makes it unique?

The selection of its high quality acetates and titanium makes each piece inimitable. Prescription frames and sunglasses that reflect an immense devotion to details and tradition.

One of the most fascinating brands in the current fashion world. Massada is come up for eager souls and those who look for stylish timelessness.

What makes it unique?

The significance of their products is justified in their exclusive manufacturing process. Artists, film-makers, intellectuals and artisans usually cooperate with the brand in a multidisciplinary approach that gives it uniqueness.

The frames are hand-made with Japanese titanium and Italian acetate.

L.G.R quality is based on the special attention to the comfort, design and sustainability.

What makes it unique?

The combination of “savoir faire” of Italian artisans and the latest technology of mineral lenses results in a clever handmade product.

The constant research for intelligent technical solutions, creative use of modern materials and high experience in the design of glasses are the reasons that make Mykita be successful in the world of eyewear. Their products are made of durable lightweight and modern materials.

What makes it unique?

Both sunglasses and frames are based on an innovative and functional design hinge where there are no screws. Every piece of this collection is incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Moscot is a New York City Institution renowned worldwide for its iconic timeless and stylish eyewear.

What makes it unique?

Moscot is a reference brand inspired in 30s to 70s decades. Its iconic model “Lemtosh” has been the favorite of celebrities as Jhonny Depp, Truman Capote y Woody Allen, among others.

Founded in France in 2012, Very French Gangsters is a reference in the kid eyewear market. 100% made in France, its universe is rebellious, funny and contemporary: “the good gangsters”.

What makes it unique?

The indisputable quality of its products, the technical characteristics and the variety of colours (Mazzuccelli acetate, polarized lenses, flex hinges and silicone terminals) make Very French Gangsters the first eyewear brand for kids from 3 to 12 years old that combines comfort and style.

W/SÜN was founded in 2007 in Paris by two siblings. They launched the challenge to create wooden eyewear. The brand is inspired by the classics, and works with designers and artists creating urban and chic sunglasses from renewable materials. W/SÜN is influenced by past and present.

What makes it unique?

Wooden glasses combine lightness, comfort and aesthetics. This is a special blend of French sophistication and style of relaxed Californian life. W/SÜN sunglasses come with Zeiss lenses.

VAVA eyewear has caused a real disruption in the eyewear industry with its futuristic designs of technological inspiration and flat lenses.

What makes it unique?

VAVA was the first brand in creating totally flat lenses. Flat lenses go back to industrial design of the 80s, when flat geometrical shapes were pure trend.

VAVA spectacles are handmade with high quality sustainable materials like ecologic acetate, 100% recyclable.

At the heart of Vue DC stand Christian and Yolande, a charismatic and creative duo. They are audacious and passionate, the muse and its alter ego. Since 2008, they offer an innovative and timeless collection, apart from fashion trends.

What makes it unique?

Their love for authenticity, their selection of acetates and their manufacture techniques are the keys of their success. Feminine sensuality and masculine seduction have been a source of inspiration in designing the Vue dc Collection.