We travel around the world, looking for unique and stunning range of brands. We are convinced that spectacles can be authentic pieces of art with creativity processes of more than 100 steps and stories that show the passion for perfection and uniqueness.

Founded in Australia in 2003. AM Eyewear is proud of making handcrafting unique and exceptional spectacles.

What makes it unique?

Each frame is cut from a sheet of Italian Mazzucchelli acetate. They are handcrafted and polished by a master-craftsman. The creation of this frames takes more than 14 hours to complete.

AM Eyewear sunglasses are fitted with Carl Zeiss highest quality lenses.

Sol-Amor was founded in France in 1946 and became one of the most popular brands of that time. They bet on design and made sunglasses into a fashion accessory.

What makes it unique?

Amor 1946 is reborn with a new collection, respecting the prestige of the past, while reflecting current trends. With a chic retro style, each model represents the Parisian elegance, being named after its neighborhoods and streets.

B.Barn's offers an innovative and radical approach to the luxury optical sector, combining optical experience and creativity of contemporary design. This is summed up in five words: beauty, rarity, quality, experience and originality.

What makes it unique?

Its frames –handmade in France- are really inimitable. Each model requires a process of more than 70 steps and about a week to polish them. Each piece is made in a limited edition of 99 pieces per model. They are delivered in a leather Hermes case. Pure exclusivility!

Recognized as one of the “100 Most Important People in the Eyewear Industry”, Blake Kuwahara carried out its own firm. His first collection was launched in 2014, bursting into alternative market.

What makes it unique?

The perfect fusion of two frames and the juxtaposition of contrasting shapes and colors, creating a design that is thoroughly modern but wearable.

Bob Sdrunk was founded in 2009 by a group of expert opticians with an inspiring motto: to avoid obviousness and to be out of the ordinary.

What makes it unique?

Its spectacles are handmade in Italy by expert artisans in love for details and precision. Its models are always different and each of them is inspired by a character and a personality.

Fascinated by the optics’ world, Bruno Chaussignand designed his first collections in 2004.

What makes it unique?

Since 2011, this brand reveals a new and unmistakable style with a contemporary and super comfortable collection: “it’s not about making the past reborn, but the creation of contemporary spectacles that respond both to current trends and to the requirements of its public”.

In 2008, Caroline Abram launched her brand, with a line of accessories for glasses with a unique style - chains for glasses, supports, monocles, etc.- It was based on the need of sexy and elegant frames.

What makes it unique?

It is a very feminine collection, with a palette of vibrant colors, "cat-eye" shapes and a vintage and modern style, which will not leave you indifferent.

Claire Goldsmith is the great-granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith, one of the most influential designers and creators of modern day eyewear.

What makes it different?

Claire Goldsmith makes some of the most sophisticated and beautifully designed sunglasses and spectacles in the world. As she says: “If you want incredible shoes you go to Christian Louboutin. But if you want glasses that are amazing quality and that were unique and timeless in their design, then it has to be a CG frame that you invest in”.

In 1961 André Courrèges launched his own fashion house. He was determined to revolutionize the world of haute couture and design.

What makes it unique?

Courréges transformed the codes of the established fashion to liberate women of any restriction. Thanks to him, women discovered the miniskirt, including the "little white dress", white leather boots, pants for women and the mythical glasses designed by Dalí…

Cutler and Gross world is bursting with independent thinkers: people with personality, creative vision and intelligent style: Visionaires.

What makes it unique?

The delightful imperfection of handmade pieces. Get ready to see raw edges or tiny inaccuracies of an unique piece. Because Cutler and Gross frames are not cut by a machine that makes hundreds of identical pieces.

For decades, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross are considered bastions of iconic eyewear. Their designs combine the finest Italian craftsmanship with unquestionably cool style.

Dita’s philosophy tries to fuse East and West in perfect harmony to create spectacles with timeless beauty and quality. The pursuit of excellence is their work philosophy.

What makes it unique?

The creation of a single Dita frame or sunglass can require up to 320 steps, carried out by designers, engineers, artisans and master craftsmen over 8 months. Most frames aregold plated.

Fan Optics´s design is based on a modern and contemporary British design. The aesthetics of the brand are marked in the longevity and high quality of its finishes.

What makes it unique?

In each collection, the minimum detail is considered, using the highest quality Italian acetate, the best finished metals, and finally a handcrafted touch.

All the products are designed, developed and handmade in England. This ensures the manufacture of small collections with a maximum of 100 units of each model.

Frédéric Beausoleil’s frames are still produced according to an ancestral “savoir faire”. They have a delicate and visionary spirit, a retro-chic style.

What makes it unique?

This collection is conceived to satisfy the needs of high-myopia users, who look for comfortable small shapes.

Their main characteristics are their anatomic bridge, their soft small shapes and their pronounced elbow joins. The accurate curves, the clean lines and the meticulously selected colours make each frame a strong and unique piece.

Gentle Monster was founded in 2011 in South Korea. This brand provides a totally innovative vision of eyewear industry by experimentation with new techniques and an avant-garde style. They promise to amaze the world with their designs.

What makes it unique?

Their radically innovative collections able to surprise and excite.

Hamburg Eyewear represents the perfect synthesis between modern design and classic elements. This brand offers restrained Nordic-style design.

What makes it unique?

The selection of its high quality acetates and titanium makes each piece inimitable. Prescription frames and sunglasses that reflect an immense devotion to details and tradition.

This Italian brand presented its first collection as a tribute after three iconic personalities from “beat” generation: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin y John Lennon. From a classic design, Jplus recovered iconic shapes from the past. Models as Jimi o Janis are still a source of inspiration.

What makes it unique?

This brand intends to subvert the very rules of style, encouraging the individual to have a personal and intimate experience through its glasses, without external influences.

A unique product is conceived - designed - produced in Italy.

L.G.R quality is based on the special attention to the comfort, design and sustainability.

What makes it unique?

The combination of “savoir faire” of Italian artisans and the latest technology of mineral lenses results in a clever handmade product.

Inspired by eyewear models of past centuries, Lunor has found its own style: contemporary design that consciously renounces exaggerations of fashion and massive productions.

What makes it unique?

Up to 200 precise stages are required to make a Lunor frame. Most of its models are produced in Germany – except for titanium frames, which are made in Japan due to the high level of expertise available there.

Luxury brand for curious and sophisticated women with a strong identity and personal vision, Marni is a range of possibilities. Its designs are timeless and its approach is forward-looking.

What makes it unique?

Its main activity focuses on sewing, shoes and bags, its line of lifestyles includes jewelry, perfumes, optical frames and sunglasses. Its handcraft and familiar production in Italy. Marni is a celebration of individuality, with a sense of pragmatism and borderless artistic invention.

One of the most fascinating brands in the current fashion world. Massada is come up for eager souls and those who look for stylish timelessness.

What makes it unique?

The significance of their products is justified in their exclusive manufacturing process. Artists, film-makers, intellectuals and artisans usually cooperate with the brand in a multidisciplinary approach that gives it uniqueness.

The frames are hand-made with Japanese titanium and Italian acetate.

The philosophy and refinement of Masunaga is the same since 1905, when this brand was born. It is based on a simple principle: “to make the best product possible above any other interest”.

What makes it unique?

Its craftsmen combine manual processes with the highest technology and the best materials to manufacture their spectacles. More than 200 steps are carried out to manufacture each frame by expert hands that integrate all the experience and knowledge of 4 generations.

Kenzo Takada combines vintage inspired elements with fashion forward contemporary design.

What makes it unique?

This collection is characterized by the delicate engraving on the bridge, the bar and the temples, reminiscent of 1920’s jewelry details.

The complex manufacturing process is authentically handcrafted frames, and more than 200 steps are needed for their preparation. These pieces are manufactured in small series, some of them in Limited Edition.

Moscot is a New York City Institution renowned worldwide for its iconic timeless and stylish eyewear.

What makes it unique?

Moscot is a reference brand inspired in 30s to 70s decades. Its iconic model “Lemtosh” has been the favorite of celebrities as Jhonny Depp, Truman Capote y Woody Allen, among others.

The constant research for intelligent technical solutions, creative use of modern materials and high experience in the design of glasses are the reasons that make Mykita be successful in the world of eyewear. Their products are made of durable lightweight and modern materials.

What makes it unique?

Both sunglasses and frames are based on an innovative and functional design hinge where there are no screws. Every piece of this collection is incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Let’s think about XX century great icons -Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, Michael Caine, Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy, Dior, Vidal Sassoon, etc.

Let’s think about cult films of the fifties and sixties –The Ipcress File, Harry Palmer, Breakfast at Tiffany’s… They all have got one thing in common: Oliver Goldsmith who is synonymous of stars and style.

What makes it unique?

Oliver Goldsmith works with the best craftsmen around the world (from Italy, Japan and Germany), only with the ones who can get the precision and quality demanded by the brand.

Paulino Spectacles recalls the sensual and elegant golden years of American cinema. This is a clear reference to the glamour of those actors and actresses updated for the sophisticated users of today.

What makes it unique?

Each piece undergoes a detailed handmade process in Portugal. This collection also pays particular attention to the changing tones and luminosities of the Mazzucchelli acetates.

VAVA eyewear has caused a real disruption in the eyewear industry with its futuristic designs of technological inspiration and flat lenses.

What makes it unique?

VAVA was the first brand in creating totally flat lenses. Flat lenses go back to industrial design of the 80s, when flat geometrical shapes were pure trend.

VAVA spectacles are handmade with high quality sustainable materials like ecologic acetate, 100% recyclable.

Founded in France in 2012, Very French Gangsters is a reference in the kid eyewear market. 100% made in France, its universe is rebellious, funny and contemporary: “the good gangsters”.

What makes it unique?

The indisputable quality of its products, the technical characteristics and the variety of colours (Mazzuccelli acetate, polarized lenses, flex hinges and silicone terminals) make Very French Gangsters the first eyewear brand for kids from 3 to 12 years old that combines comfort and style.

At the heart of Vue DC stand Christian and Yolande, a charismatic and creative duo. They are audacious and passionate, the muse and its alter ego. Since 2008, they offer an innovative and timeless collection, apart from fashion trends.

What makes it unique?

Their love for authenticity, their selection of acetates and their manufacture techniques are the keys of their success. Feminine sensuality and masculine seduction have been a source of inspiration in designing the Vue dc Collection.

W/SÜN was founded in 2007 in Paris by two siblings. They launched the challenge to create wooden eyewear. The brand is inspired by the classics, and works with designers and artists creating urban and chic sunglasses from renewable materials. W/SÜN is influenced by past and present.

What makes it unique?

Wooden glasses combine lightness, comfort and aesthetics. This is a special blend of French sophistication and style of relaxed Californian life. W/SÜN sunglasses come with Zeiss lenses.

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