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26 June, 2020

Pedro Passos da Silva: The man behind Vava Eyewear

We want to tell you the history of the brands we work with, their secrets, their unique characteristics, their creators … Let’s start with Pedro Passos da Silva: The man behind VAVA eyewear, the brand that has caused a real disruption in the eyewear fashion industry with its characteristic futuristic designs of technological inspiration and flat lenses. Also getting to know better Pedro da Silva, the man behind Vava Eyewear.

Since the begining, at L’Atelier Optica we have made a commitment to our clients: offering them the best eyewear designs. We travel the world looking for those brands that have something unique to offer: creation processes of more than 100 steps, sustainable materials, independent designers, fascinating stories …

Da Silva break the rules

Pedro Passos da Silva, a young Portuguese fashion expert (he has collaborated with international brands like Hugo Boss), he then settled in Milan and decided to create his own brand of sunglasses. “He wanted to create a timeless object” according to his words.

Da Silva wanted to break the rules and create a surprising and groundbreaking concept. He chose Berlin, “an aspirational and creative city” as a place to conceive his personal project.
A year later, in 2013, VAVA eyewear was born, a unique view of design in which pure lines associated with a conceptual language are mixed with art and machinery in an industrial and minimalist setting.

Pedro Passos da Silva: The man behind Vava Eyewear

Why is VAVA eyewear unique?

1- VAVA was the first brand to create completely flat lenses, what they call zero base, something that broke the rules in the market. Aesthetically, flat lenses take us back to industrial design in the 1980s, when flat geometric shapes were a trend.

But Pedro da Silva wanted to go beyond the mere aesthetic, looking almost for a declaration of principles. For this Portuguese creator, flat lenses act as some short of “glass wall” in a fast-paced society, allowing the user a certain dose of contemplation and asceticism. “Slow down in an accelerated society” as he himself tells us.

2- Mineral lenses guarantee the best optical precision. Indeed, the lenses that VAVA uses are mineral (most brands use polycarbonate or organic lenses). The natural purity of the glass assures the best optical precision and the inalterability of the characteristics of the lenses over time. VAVA exclusively uses Barberini lenses.

3- Conscious luxury. Pedro da Silva did not want to ignore sustainability. VAVA frames are handcrafted using high-quality sustainable materials like an eco-friendly 100% recyclable acetate.

The cellulose acetate they use in their productions is from the Italian brand Mazzuchelli, (using its exclusive ecological M49 line) which is considered by many to be the best acetate in the world.

Pedro Passos da Silva: The man behind Vava Eyewear

The best kept secret …

VAVA glasses are manufactured following strict architectural principles. Inspired by Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus movement in general, Pedro thinks of glasses as buildings and faces as landscapes. The glasses, being rigid objects, must fit the face perfectly and there architecture is key.

Where are they made?

VAVA is a Portuguese brand but the production is located entirely in Italy, in a small family factory in Treviso. For da Silva it is in this country, along with France and Japan, where the best glasses in the world are made.

Who is the VAVA costumer?

Passionates for art and design. According to Pedro da Silva, all those people who are “daring and curious”.
Among the celebrities who wear their glasses we find Richie Hawtin, the British musician and producer or even Kendall Jenner herself, one of the most famous models in the world.

Las mejores marcas de gafas en latelier optica

On the national scene we have Vanesa Lorenzo as one of the brand’s unconditional fan.

Getting to know Pedro da Silva better

  • A city – Porto
  • A hobby – music
  • Someone or something that inspires you – Science fiction movies, the Bauhaus movement, minimalism …
  • Your motto in life – ‟Be yourself”

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