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15 September, 2022

MYKITA, the origin of a brand born in a kindergarten

One of the brands that attracts most attention among our customers and visitors to L’Atelier Optica is Mykita. Did you know that it was founded in 2003 in a former kindergarten? Specifically, in Berlin, where its first store was opened, in a former kindergarten called Kita, a little anecdote that became the basis of its name.  Not only that, “growing up” in this place with that children’s history, has meant that, in its creative and productive processes, playfulness is very present, thus achieving truly fun and original models.


With this idea of fun and an open mind, Mykita creates its designs always thinking that they will be manufactured by hand in its own factory. The brand has been able to develop its own processes and tools combining manual work with new technologies.



In 2014, Mykita took an important step in its history, by settling in a central building in Berlin. Where they have gathered a team made up of people with different cultural backgrounds, talents and ways of working, who contribute in a process in which experimentation and commitment to quality is of utmost importance. And you can see that as soon as you have a pair of Mykita glasses in your hands.


The Mykita design team is a heterogeneous group of designers from different fields, not only from the eyewear industry, something that stimulates a dialogue that manages to impregnate each model with new perspectives. That is why each Mykita frame is so special.


Satori Mykita Bernhard Willhelm MD1 Pitch Black 3254 Darkgrey Solid Double modelo muje Carusel escritorio

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