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7 January, 2023

Matsuda, from Japan to L’Atelier Óptica

L’Atelier Óptica welcomes a new brand to its catalogue and, of course, it is a brand that encapsulates the essential elements of our philosophy: high quality, exclusiveness, sustainability, and sublime designs. We are delighted to present you: Matsuda.


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Matsuda is a Japanese brand founded more than 50 years ago by the Japanese designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda, a renowned artist pioneer in mixing architecture and fashion. The glasses he creates and his way of understanding design are celebrated around the world.


Mitsuhiro Matsuda was born in Tokyo and he started to design at an early age. After finishing his studies at the Bunka School of Design (one of the most prestigious in the country), he went to visit his best friend, Kenzo Takada, in Paris to seek inspiration. And he surely found it, to the point of returning to Tokyo and being one of the founders of the Tokyo Fashion Week.


The key to his success is respecting the tradition of Japanese craftsmanship, and mix it with the most innovative technology.


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Now, Matsuda comes to L’Atelier Óptica bringing beautiful models handmade in their Sabae workshops. Each of their glasses goes through 250 creation steps that take more than two years to be completed. This is what makes each pair of Matsuda glasses so special; they seem to tell the enormous story behind their creation. The meticulous process of creating each frame includes an exhaustive review in search of possible defects.


The Japanese acetate used by Matsuda derived from organic cotton cured for more than three months, resulting in a highly resistant and durable material. That inspiration he found in Paris is shown in his glasses: the fantasy of art deco, the industrial metalwork of the 1800s and even the gothic details of Parisian churches.


As a result, each pair of glasses they make is a work of art.

For all these reasons, you can be sure that when you have a Matsuda frame in your hands; you are holding a unique piece, pampered down to the last detail.

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