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15 March, 2024

Jean Philippe Joly arrives at L’Atelier Óptica

L’Atelier Óptica continues growing and offering you new innovative brands that add elegance and quality to your eyes. Now, we welcome Jean Philippe Joly, a brand born in Paris in 1999.


The founder of Jean Philippe Joly, with the same name, is a veteran worker from the optical industry who wanted to unleash his passion to create something distinctive and unique.


Jean Philippe Joly


And part of the secret of his glasses is that he himself designs and develops each new product. Lenses in which Jean Philippe Joly’s taste for details, colors,

volumes, art and elegance is clear. Avant-garde and timeless glasses that become small works of art for your face.


A brand in which the quality of the materials is impeccable, because its acetates come from Mazzucchelli, and they are subjected to the highest standards thanks to a traditional manufacturing process by hand that results in refined models that are only suitable for best boutiques in the world. And L’Atelier Óptica is one of them. In addition, the metals are resistant and the lenses are high quality to ensure that your new Jean Philippe Joly glasses will be with you during a long time.


Jean philippe Joly gafas de diseño


Jean Philippe Joly is a great traveler, and many of his travels and the cultures he has learned about have inspired his designs.


When you come to L’ Atelier Óptica to discover the Jean Philippe Joly collection, be sure to notice the fun details on the temples: many of the lenses have an emoji that represents the name of the model.

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