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6 July, 2020

Jacques Marie Mage sustainable and ethical luxury brand

Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) is a brand based in Los Angeles, the capital of the world of independent eyewear brands, specialized in the micro-production of handmade glasses. One of its hallmarks is the combination of historical motifs with luxurious materials. Furthermore, it is a clear demonstration that innovative production methods are not incompatible with ethical and sustainable business practices. Jacques Marie Mage is a sustainable and ethical luxury brand.

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At L’Atelier Óptica we believe in quality, artisan creation processes, the talent of independent designers, exclusivity and, in general, in everything that is unique, different and exceptional. If we add ecological awareness and concern for the environment, we have, as a result, one of our favorite brands: Jacques Marie Mage.

The essence of the brand.

Jerome Jacques Marie Mage, has managed to combine a rigorous commitment to his cultural heritage with an uncompromising dedication to quality and craftsmanship. The brand reflects its mature and refined vision of the eyewear design, while creating its own identity.

Drawing inspiration from different continents, cultures and generations, it combines the best traditional artisan techniques with the most advanced production methods. It encompasses a wide variety of rich materials, bold geometric shapes and an exuberant attitude to create impeccably designed glasses that combine historical motifs with modern sensibility.

As a result, powerful, fun and sophisticated pieces with a different perspective are obtained. Designs that combines the respect for history, craftsmanship and innovative techniques, resulting in small limited series of exclusive pieces that achieve artistic and technical excellence.

Jacques Marie Mage sustainable and ethical luxury brand

Their commitment to the environment.

JMM is a brand with a great ecological conscience and implication in the conservation and care of wildlife on our planet. For this reason, they donate part of their annual income to organizations like The Yellowstone Park Foundation and Living With Wolves that work to protect packs of gray wolves that are threatened.

Jerome firmly defends the importance of using his voice and his resources to actively collaborate in raising awareness and protecting the Natural Parks and their fauna.

Why Jacques Marie Mage is unic?

JMM has partners in Japan and Italy, countries with a rich heritage in eyewear manufacturing, and works closely with the world’s best manufacturers. Always using ethical methods that meet JMM’s “respect, compassion and transparency” business standards.

They create limited edition glasses acclaimed for their innovative designs and outstanding craftsmanship.

the best craftsmen in the world jaques marie mage

handcrafted frames jaques marie mage

Using a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technologies, their handcrafted frames meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and ethical responsibility. Each component of a JMM frame is carefully considered throughout each step of its creation, from beginning to end, to offer products that are considered exquisitely crafted collectibles.

JMM’s glasses are carefully crafted by the best craftsmen in the world, who sculpt each block of cellulose acetate as if it was a work of art. Each frame is embellished with numerous subtle details, decorations and innovative components, to achieve a strong and unique identity. They include mineral lenses, finely crafted metal details in sterling silver and 18k gold, custom rivets, a patented hidden hinge system and its signature logo.

Jacques Marie Mage box

More than 100 hands touch each frame before they arrive at JMM’s headquarters in Los Angeles. As part of a 300-step process that ensures artistic and technical excellence.

Designed with the highest level of manufacturing prowess and tested to the strictest tolerance standards, Jacques Marie Mage products are designed to last a lifetime.

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