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30 March, 2024

From Marseille to Madrid: Pontet arrives at L’Atelier Óptica

If you have been following us for a long time you will know that we never stop looking for new brands to add to our catalog. But we don’t want any brand: we are only interested in those that meet standards of quality, sustainability and elegance. And we can proudly say that we have found another one that is perfect for all of you: Pontet.


Pontet is a French brand originally from Marseille that already has four generations of family working in the sector. A story linked to the optics industry that was started by the family’s great-grandfather, Edmond Pontent, first as a photographer and then opening his first store in 1930.



These origins were the beginning of what Hermes Pontent has founded today: a brand that conveys the passion for the sector of its founder to each pair of glasses. Hermes is involved in the entire creation process of each of the models from the initial sketches. By the way, like other great brands in history… It was born in a family garage!


Being a brand born and developed in Marseille, the Mediterranean essence is a constant inspiration in each glasses. The sea, the sky, the French, Italian, Greek and Egyptian landscapes are, so far, the inspirations for the products that we can now offer you at L’Atelier Óptica.



Pontet glasses are very original and unisex, and are designed to ensure perfect comfort for those who wear them. Even the dyes are designed especially for this brand, inspired by ancient dyes.

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