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15 July, 2020

Dita Eyewear: leader in optical innovation

At L’Atelier Óptica we travel the world looking for the best eyewear brands. Our goal is to offer you unique, exclusive and quality designs, but we also like to show you the reasons why we choose each one of them. We want you to know the history and the manufacturing and design processes behind your glasses. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most coveted luxury brands leader in optical innovation: Dita Eyewear.

Dita Eyewear leader in optical innovation

Leading brand worldwide.

Since its creation in 1995, Dita has reinvented the world of glasses transcending its conventions. A discreet luxury that ranges from frames with a bold character to new interpretations of timeless shapes using the most innovative technology.

In its more than 20 years in the design world, Dita has built a reputation for itself as a leader in optical innovation. Its design and manufacturing standards are considered the benchmark by which other luxury brands are judged. When you have a pair of Dita glasses in your hands, you cannot see their design, research and development team, but somehow you can feel their presence.

Dita Souliner Two

Dita’s philosophy could be summarized in three statements:

Design that finds beauty as a purpose.

Craftsmanship that celebrates the unseen.

Culture that transcends the convention.

Throughout its history, Dita has been associated with the best manufacturers in the world. It has an unparalleled track record of innovation: we can find everything from ultrathin acetates in its Featherlight collection, to an impressive metal core lamination technique in Dita-Laminate, to frames with a defined character in Dita-Series, among many others.

Dita has had the unique pleasure of serving the most demanding clients, creating relationships within the different worlds of culture, style, sport and entertainment. In this way, it has reaffirmed its position as unique as the products it creates.

Working to achieve perfection.

Inspired by the generations that preceded them, Dita artisans and teachers, with more than 50 years of experience, dedicate their lives to mastering their art. In their jobs they employ an expensive and laborious combination of traditional and modern production techniques.

Dita Interweaver luxury brand

In a mechanized world where grace, beauty and craftsmanship are increasingly seen as outdated concepts, Dita is committed to excellence and passion. Their creative philosophies and production values create a perfect harmony between East and West, resulting in frames and sunglasses of great beauty and quality.

Master craftsmen.

Creating a single Dita frame may require up to 320 different steps that take 8 months to complete. At each stage, they carefully combine the best traditional and modern production techniques and technologies, in order to always obtain the best result.

Unlike other brands that mass produce their glasses in the fastest and most inexpensive way possible, at Dita they prefer to dedicate to each frame all the time and work necessary. A clear example of their philosophy is the way they polish their acetate glasses, through a traditional process using hand-cut bamboo pieces. This technique achieves a higher quality and richer finish, which can be seen when you have one of its pieces in your hands.

Dita Eyewear Nach Two

Dita’s commitment to craftsmanship is based on the firm belief that there are no shortcuts to achieving the highest quality. Its master craftsmen bring its innovative designs to life by transforming the best acetates and metals into glasses of incomparable beauty, quality and style.

In recent years, the word “luxury” has been used so much that it has practically lost its meaning. Dita is one of the few eyewear brands that continues to uphold its commitment to genuine luxury, with original designs, the best materials, exceptional craftsmanship and exclusivity. The Dita brand has become an experience of its own.

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