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10 December, 2020

Christmas Around The World

One more year the Christmas festivities are knocking at our door while left behind a year to fully enter a in ew one. A new year full of hope and good intentions. A moment that we celebrate united all around the globe, with different traditions. Let us take a closer look to this idea of Christmas All Around The World.

The international character of our Atelier, where borders have no place, always encourages us to satisfy our desire for curiosity by approaching different cultures and places. Today we will do so through the most unknown and deeply rooted Christmas traditions in places which are very, very different.


Yule Lads Navidad islandia

In Iceland thirteen days before Christmas the Yule Lads make their entrance. Those characters, similar to trolls, leave their lairs and go out to play while visiting different families every night. Children leave their best shoes so that these naughty beings can leave gifts inside if they have behaved well during the year.


cabalgata de luces anual Toronto

That Toronto in winter is a wonderful place as well known. Its annual parade of lights marks the start of the Christmas season. This tradition began in 1967 and takes place in the Nathan Phillips Town Hall and Plaza, which are illuminated with more than 300,000 energy-saving led bulbs. We love this attention to responsible consumption. This light show takes place until New Year’s Eve and is usually accompanied by a magnificent fireworks display.


Cabra castillo Gävle Suecia

Sweedens know a lot about Christmas. There a tradition has taken place since 1966. That year a 13-meter-high goat was built in the center of Gävle Castle Square. This tradition has unintentionally created a new tradition of people trying to burn it. Since its inception the goat has been successfully burned exactly 29 times, the most recent in 2016.


Festival de los Farolillos Gigantes

The Christmas capital of the Philippines is, without any doubt, San Fernando city. Every year the Festival of the Giant Lanterns is held here. Eleven towns participate in this festival with a fierce competition to build the most elaborated lantern. They usually measure up to six meters and their contemplation attracts visitors from all over the world.


As you can see, Christmas leaves spaces for all kinds of traditions. Whatever they are, the most important thing is always the message of unity and peace. At least, once a year.

Happy holidays and happy 2021.

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