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13 January, 2022

Ahlem: Inspired by the Bauhaus movement

At L’Atelier we work to offer you the best quality frames and sunglasses. We look for them wherever they might be. We are really excited about the latest addition to our brands. It is Ahlem, a brand based in Paris and Los Angeles, that began its journey in 2014.

We share a large part of our values ​​with them; Attention to detail, the use of the highest quality materials, a sustainable vision of the production processes and an intimate relationship with the arts and design. Ahlem follows the dictates of the Bauhaus cultural movement when creating.


ahlem gafas de diseño 2022


The artisan experience joins the values ​​that we have already mentioned. The production team is made up of three workshops where each of the nine artisans, who make them up, transfer to Ahlem’s glasses what they have learned generation after generation.

Ahlem seeks to create instant classics that last over time rather than lean on fleeting fashion trends, thus lengthening their wear time. Functionality and aesthetics are its line of support, making timelessness its trade mark.


AHLEM Clichy Luxembourg Place Solferino


Its production processes are the result of high-tech research and the meticulous skills of its artisans. Its components are registered because they have been the result of an arduous effort by its team.

Since last Autumn, you can find at our Atelier and on our e-shop, its limited edition collections. We are sure that they will delight all of you.

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