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2 February, 2022

9101 the new Cutler And Gross’s limited edition arrives at L’Atelier Óptica

Few, very few models of the new limited edition Cutler and Gross 9101 have been distributed around the world, and at L’Atelier Óptica we have one of them!


The launch of the 9101 commemorates the 50th anniversary of Cutler and Gross‘s first model, back in 1982, called the 0101, which became a favourite of Tony Gross and his hallmark. That 0101, which was later called “Room 101” in George Orwell’s Big Brother, was made in a workshop in the Dolomites, where the brand continues to manufacture its exclusive models today.


tony gross 0101 9101 Limited Edition Cutler And Gross


As a curiosity, you should know that in the 80s, Gross visited elite clubs in New York and London and gave to strangers that mythical model 0101. The 9101 comes to commemorate that hedonistic spirit of the time and pay homage to the golden age of nightclubs.


The 9101 Limited Edition has been crafted with translucent crystal acetate and gold-plated hardware, as well as Zeiss photochromic lenses, which darken in sunlight.


Only 101 units of these exclusive glasses have been manufactured, and one of them is in our store.


9101 Limited Edition Cutler And Gross gift fotocromic zeiss lenses


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